Time Based Billing Problem 5: Reduced Client Commitment

In the last post we looked at how time based billing model (session to session care) of physiotherapy can potentiate under servicing of a client’s clinical needs. I established that when a client’s clinical needs are not met the likelihood of crossing a Physio Finish Line™ and getting back to one’s physical best is markedly reduced.

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The fifth problem associated with session to session time based billing in the physiotherapy industry is the often times reduced client commitment to completing rehabilitation.

Under a session to session treatment and billing model I believe clients have a ‘relative’ handicapped position at the start of their rehabilitation journey. When a client books session to session, there in essence only exists a ‘next session’ commitment to their rehabilitation.

Even if the client is fully committed and onboard with what is required with their rehabilitation the commitment is only as good as the next booked or scheduled session.

I am often heard talking to the POGO clinical team that if a client has engaged us to get them across their Physio Finish Line™ than if they do not have an appointment booked, then there stands little likelihood of an outcome being achieved.

Missing the next appointment

Typically on a time based billing model the client will book session to session. On occasion the client may have several single appointments booked in advance. The vast majority of appointments will however be made one at a time.

The big problem with this approach to rehabilitation is that it is so very easy for the next appointment to be cancelled or missed. The client booking just one appointment in advance is much more at the mercy of life’s unforeseen events conspiring against them crossing their Physio Finish Line™.

Compare the above example to a client’s commitment who is completing a 2, 6, or 12 week Finish Line™ Program with a defined end date, and upfront or part payment plan already made. While a life event may still occur, or even a day to day event, when follow up appointments are pre booked for either hands on treatment or active rehabilitation, if a Finish Line™ Program client misses an appointment (or several) crossing their Finish Line™ is not jeopardised as it would be if they had cancelled their next and only other appointment.

I am often heard coaching the POGO Physio team around the fact that if a client is not in the diary they are not en route to crossing their Physio Finish Line™.

In the event of compassionate circumstances Finish Line™ Program clients can pause their Programs for a designated period of time. That way Finish Line™ Program clients are not disadvantaged in the event of the unforeseen.

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