Time Based Billing Problem 5: Client gets under serviced

POGO Physio has moved beyond the traditional session to session physiotherapy delivery of care with the introduction of our industry and Australian first first fixed fee unlimited access Finish Line™ physio programs.

I believe there are 30 problems that result when practices and practitioners ‘sell their time’ by offering a session to session only model of physiotherapy care.

In this post I will introduce the fourth problem that can arise when clients work with their physiotherapist on the traditional session to session model of care.

The fourth problem of a session to session only physiotherapy service delivery model is the client potentially being under-serviced of their optimal treatment requirements.

What is Under Servicing?

Under servicing is when the client receives less than the treatment they would most benefit from for their given condition or injury.

Instead of receiving the optimal treatment recommendations to assist in the most complete and rapid recovery from injury or pain,  the client receives less treatment than what they would most benefit from, as their treating physiotherapist prescribes less than optimal treatment recommendations. To be specific this is normally due to there not being enough treatment sessions administered (not enough consultations/treatment), or the treatment sessions occurring too far apart (too much time between consultations/treatment).

In contrast to Problem 3 (Client Drop Outs) under servicing is not the choice of the client. The client follows the recommendations of their physiotherapist, it’s just that the recommendations are ‘diluted’ from what they need to be to give the best outcome. In other words the physiotherapist has let the client down by not providing the client with appropriate treatment scheduling of their appointments.

An example of Optimal Servicing

To best explain under servicing think of your favourite sporting team or your favourite athlete. In Australia it will often be a rugby league or AFL team, or it could be an athlete of any sport that you admire or enjoy. Now imagine that your favourite player or athlete gets injured.

In terms of physiotherapy treatment  the injured athlete may receive daily treatment, on some occasions even bi-daily treatment. The treatment is administered in this manner to expedite the player’s recovery process and return the player back to their physical best as quickly as possible.

The therapist in charge of the athlete knows that if they can get frequent contact with the player including hands on manual therapy, the prescription and supervision of rehabilitation exercises, and return to activity planning, than getting the athlete back to their best will occur much more rapidly than if that contact were not as frequent. Added to this the treating physiotherapist is likely under pressure from coaches to see that the player or athlete makes a complete and rapid return to their best, combined with the athlete’s strong drive to ‘get back out there’.

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