Time Base Billing Problem 2: Less trust

In my last post I introduced the concept of why POGO Physio is moving on beyond the traditional session to session delivery of care with the introduction of our industry first fixed fee unlimited access Finish Line™ physio programs.

There are 30 problems associated with practices and practitioners selling their time on a session to session basis.

In this post I will introduce the second problem: Client suspicion lessens trust with the therapist (spoken or unspoken).

Trust is the glue between any relationship. None more so than the relationship between a patient and the practitioner. The very bed rock of a sound therapeutic relationship is found in the trust that a patient extends towards their therapist.

When trust exists great clinical outcomes can be achieved. When trust it is missing between the therapist and patient the lack of trust can derail potential clinical outcomes, or simply destroy any chance of arriving at a desired outcome (Finish Line™).

One of the chief problems of only delivering session to session physiotherapy care is that the patient receiving the care may rightly or wrongly perceive or believe that their therapist is simply asking them to come back for nothing more than a heightened wage!

It’s become a bug bear of mine when at a social gathering when asked what I do, my ‘I’m a physio’ reply, is met with ‘I saw a physio but I stopped, they just wanted me to keep going back!’.

I know that this is generally not the reality in physiotherapy. I am confident that practitioner’s don’t act selfishly for their own gain by advising the client to return when it its not required. Rather practitioners provide clients with what they believe to be in the client’s best interest.

Ironically this recommendation I find tends to be on the ‘under servicing’ side of what the client would most benefit from, but more on that later.

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