Podcast: The Concious Runner – YES! You Can Run Pain Free

Recently I was invited and interviewed on the Concious Runner podcast.  During the podcast, I discuss the following:

  • How I started running
  • My dream of becoming a professional triathlete
  • Our physiology
  • Why we get injured
  • How to select proper shoes
  • Barefoot running
  • The importance of running form
  • You CAN Run Pain Free Book

Listen to the Podcast Here>>>

Time Line

01:16   Welcome
02:00  How I started running.
06:47  My dream of becoming a professional triathlete.
11:28  Physiotherapy – what is the schooling required?
12:30  How are we put together re tendons, bones, joints and muscles?
15:00  Where does functional movement fit in and why should we care about it?
17:00  What is functional move for running?
20:18  Discover your running body.
23:23  Why we get injured.
24:00  Do not overstride.
27:00  How to select proper shoes.
31:06   Barefoot running.
36:15   Hip stability.
42:44  How importance is rest?
46:28  Where can we get You CAN Run Pain Free.
47:34  Keep it simple.
48:22  Finish