Podcast Episode: Tina Muir – Great British Half Marathon Rep

Podcast Episode 71: Tina Muir – Great British Half Marathon Rep

I recently sat down with Tina Muir – Great British Half Marathon Rep for Episode 71 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

I had a fire-side chat with Tina unpacks some key insights and learnings into her running along with the very challenging decision to put her running career on hold to recover from Amenorrhea which is the loss of her menstrual cycle.

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In this episode Tina shares:

  • Tina’s Mentor and Support when first starting out in running
  • Tina’s major running highlight
  • Growing up and moving to the US
  • Key Learnings
  • Performance Round
  • Who Tina admires and why?
  • Mental Bottles and Self Talk
  • Being in the zone
  • Pros and Cons as working with your husband as a coach
  • Tina’s very personal struggle to put her running career on hold and Amenorrhea
  • Managing Amenorrhea and nutrition
  • Tina’s viral blog post
  • Tina’s best running advice
  • Physical Challenge – Correct your posture

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