Podcast Episode 96: Lori Forner – Physiotherapist, Women’s Health Edition

Episode 96: Women’s Health Edition, Physiotherapist – Lori Forner

Emily George recently had a conversation with Lori Forner – Physiotherapist for Episode 96 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

In episode 96 of The Physical Performance Show Emily George sits down with Lori Forner – Physiotherapist for this exclusive Women’s Health Edition.  Lori is a physiotherapist with a passion for pelvic health.  During this episode Lori unpacks in detail explaining pelvic health, abdominal separation, exercise during pregnancy, running during and after pregnancy and some of the common symptoms that many women suffer from that they may not need to.  This is an episode not to be missed discussing everything pelvic health.

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In this episode Lori shares:

  • How Lori got started in Physiotherapy
  • Pelvic Floor Explained
  • Connective Tissue
  • Changes to the Pelvic Floor during pregnancy
  • Pelvic Floor exercises during pregnancy
  • Running throughout pregnancy
  • Abdominal Separation
  • How activities can affect abdominal separation
  • Managing abdominal separation after birth
  • Returning to exercise after baby
  • Common symptoms
  • Running guidelines after birth
  • Tips for a speedy pelvic floor recovery

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