Podcast Episode 95: Curtis McGrath – Paralympic KL2 Champion, 6 x World Champion Paracanoe (OAM)

Episode 95: Paralympic KL2 Champion, 6 x World Champion Paracanoe (OAM) – Curtis McGrath

I recently sat down with Paralympic KL2 Champion, 6 x World Champion Paracanoe (OAM) – Curtis McGrath for Episode 95 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

At age 24 years in 2012, Curtis tragically lost both legs after stepping on a homemade improvised explosive device in a blast in Afghanistan while on active duty as a Combat Engineer.

This is an inspiring story of triumph over tragedy where Curtis went on to become a Gold Medallist in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games 200m KL2 sprint canoe (4 years to date post the incident), he is a Paracanoe world champion (5 years to date of injury) and Invictus Games Ambassador. This is an episode not to be missed as it will move and inspire you.

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In this episode Curits shares:

  • Paddling with sharks
  • Growing up in Queenstown as a teenager
  • Moving to Australia
  • Exiting the military after 12 years
  • The first introduction to kayaking and developing a respect of the water
  • Enlisting in the AUS military in 2006 and the first deployment to East Timor
  • The rigours of jungle training
  • Leaving a legacy of East Timor with humanitarian work
  • Deployment to Afghanistan in 2012 as a Combat Engineer in the Australian Defence Force
  • An incident in Afghanistan that resulted in Curtis losing both of his legs
  • Being the paramedic for himself-telling mates how to put tourniquets on legs
  • Extent of his injuries and rehabilitation.
  • Declaring that his mates would see him in the Paralympics in the green and gold
  • Performance Round and so much more

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