Podcast Episode 82: Prof Belinda Beck – Bone Health Expert

Podcast Episode 82: Bone Health Expert – Prof Belinda Beck

I recently sat down with Prof Belinda Beck – Bone Health Expert for Episode 80 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

Listen in as Professor Beck unpacks the world of bones and the significance of bone health.  The role of exercise in bone health, food and medications and how they affect our bones.  How athletes deal with Stress Injuries, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia along with running and the affects of running on Bone Health.

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In this episode Professor Beck shares:

  • Where did your interest in bone health start?
  • Researching bone health
  • Peak Bone Mass
  • Case Study of athletes
  • Origin of a Stress Injury
  • Insufficiency Fracture
  • Why do stress fractures sometimes not heal?
  • Osteopenia and Osteoporosis definitions
  • What are some of the reasons for Osteoporosis
  • Effects of hormones on bone health
  • Insight into good foods to optimise bone health
  • The role of medications in bone health
  • Find out more about Bone Health
  • Best advice to optimise bone health

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