Podcast Episode 81: Liam Adams Australian Marathon Rep & Olympian

Liam Adams

Listen in as I sit down with Liam Adams Australian Marathoner and Olympian. Liam shares around his background in sport growing up and how he started his running journey in primary school. Liam shares around the painstaking journey to running his Olympic qualifying time for the Rio Olympics in 2016 and also how he nearly qualified for the 10,000m event in London 2012 by accident. Liam gives us an insight to what it really takes to be a professional athlete while working 40 hours a week and how he fits in his training. This is one not to be missed – it will make you rethink ‘busy’ and motivate you to get out and get active.

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 Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Liam’s background in sport
  • Juggling the work/like/sport balance
  • Liam’s first Olympic campaign
  • The journey to running the Olympic qualifying time
  • Liam’s best advice for any marathoner
  • Liam’s Physical Challenge
  • Liam’s Performance Round


1:05 Introduction

3:58 Introduction to Liam

5:15 Start

7:00 Liam’s most memorable performance

7:50 Liam’s most disappointing result

8:40 Talking Rio – Liam’s Olympic debut

11:22 Making his first Olympic Team

11:49 Lead up to qualifying for the Olympics

12:22 The challenges of running the Olympic qualifier

16:41 Liam’s genesis story

19:13 Liam’s first coach

20:37 Missing the London qualifier in 2012

22:08 Key insights from training with Craig Mottram at Flagstaff, Arizona

23:08 A Day in the life of Liam Adams – work/life/training balance

26:38 Liam’s Performance Round

40:10 Talking peak mileage for Liam

41:55 Talking injuries

43:45 Liam’s advice

46:00 Liam’s bucket list

47:50 Liam’s Physical Challenge

48:38 Where to follow Liam Adams

50:33 Listener question – his argument with Lord Seb Coe

53:57 Close

56:29 Show end

Liam Adams Q2

To follow Liam:

Facebook: Liam Adams

Instagram: @liamadamsrunner

Website: Liam Adams – Runner

Liam’s IAAF Stats



Tohill Sports Management

McGrath Foundation


Liam’s Physical Challenge

Liam’s Funniest Running Moment: City2Surf 2011

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