Podcast Episode 65: Henri Schoeman – 2016 Olympic Triathlon Bronze Medallist

Podcast Episode 65: 2016 Olympic Triathlon Bronze Medallist – Henri Schoeman

I recently sat down with Henri Schoeman – 2016 Olympic Triathlon Bronze Medallist for Episode 65 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

I had a fire-side chat with Henri who is an astute technician across all three disciplines. During the episode Henri unpacks his early years as a swimmer, the injuries he had while transitioning into triathlons, his bronze medal win at the Rio Olympics and his win at the ITU Triathlete series plus lots more.

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In this episode Henri shares:

  • Henri’s greatest physical achievement
  • Getting bronze at the RIO games
  • Triathlons in the Olympics
  • Transitioning from Swimming to Triathlons
  • Stability Exercises
  • The ITU finish and the controversy that surrounded it
  • Henri’s debut race
  • Abu Dhabi race
  • Performance Round Questions
  • Henri’s drive for animal conservation
  • Henri’s goal to ompete in a Marathon
  • Henri’s best advice
  • Physical Challenge – 300m – 600m hill Challenge
  • Connection with ASICS

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Henri Schoeman Henri Schoeman

Henri Schoeman

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