Podcast Episode 58: Interview with Dean Karnazes – Ultra Marathon Man

Episode 58: Dean Karnazes – Ultra Marathon Man

I recently sat down with Dean Karnazes – Ultra Marathon Man for Episode 58 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

I had a fire-side chat with Dean who unpacks his key insights into his training and running philosophies. He discusses how he got started as the UltraMarathon Man, about going home to Greece to do Sparta and what it takes to output a book ‘Road to Sparta’.

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In this episode Dean shares:

  • Dean’s time in Australia as a field exchange student
  • Starting in UltraMarathon’s
  • Road to Sparta
  • Perspective of the Spartathlon Race
  • Finishing Sparta
  • Dean’s tips for Health
  • Family Reunited through a random meeting
  • Performance Round Questions
  • Dean’s study and book writing
  • Dean’s tips on Motivation
  • Dean’s adventure of running a marathon in each country in the world

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