Podcast Episode 48: Interview with Chris McCormack – 4 x World Triathlon Champion, Dual Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Champion

I recently sat down with 4 x World Triathlon Champion, Dual Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Champion – Chris McCormack for Episode 478 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

I had a fire-side chat with Chris who unpacks how he got into competitive triathlons, he shares around his father and the role he played in his formative years, losing his beloved Mum, winning multiple championships and races and a conversation that Macca has on the back of not finishing a race which resulted in a peak performance the following year.  It’s a fascinating look into racing philosophy, tips, tricks, psychology and ultimate peak performance.

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In this episode Chris shares:

  • Growing up in the Shire area of Sydney
  • Racing in his first triathlon
  • Travelling with the team through Europe
  • World Championships in Perth
  • Flying back to Sydney before his Mum passed away
  • Quitting triathlons
  • Becoming a signed athlete for Under Armour
  • Hawaii Ironman Championships
  • Super Round of Questions.
  • Working with the Royal Family in Bahrain on Fitness
  • Promoting triathletes
  • Listener questions
  • Physical Challenge – Go Anaerobic

2010 Ironman Win

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