Podcast Episode 45: Interview with Madeline Hills – 3000m Steeple & 5000m Olympic Finalist

I recently sat down with 3000m Steeple & 5000m Olympic Finalist – Madeline Hills for Episode 45 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

I had a fire-side chat with Madeline who unpacks a story that is quite unique.  Madeline was an up and coming aspiring runner but then fell on some tough times.  After taking an 8 year hiatus from the sport, she found her love again of the sport and unpacks how she went within 18 months of her first return run to representing Australia at the Rio 2016 in 3000m and 5000m Steeple Chase.

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In this episode Madeline shares:

  • What scares Madeline the most
  • Growing up in country NSW
  • Joining a running club at 15
  • Missing selection for Commonwealth Games, Melbourne 2006
  • Becoming a pharmacist
  • Taking an 8 year break
  • Madeline’s sense of guilt in retiring early
  • How Madeline found her passion again
  • Coping with Work, Study and Running commitments
  • Running the 5000m steeple chase
  • Who Madeleine most admires
  • Madeleine’s physical challenge – Pilates Circles

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