Podcast Episode 214: Cam Brown, 12x Ironman New Zealand Triathlon Champion

In episode 214 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Cam Brown, 12x Ironman New Zealand Triathlon Champion in this featured performer edition.

Cam Brown is unlike any professional triathlete that I’ve ever witnessed racing. Cam’s bio is nothing short of spectacular, Cam started in the sport of triathlon in 1987 and in 2020 as we record this episode Cam continues to race professionally at the top end of Elite long course distance triathlon. Cam competed in his first Ironman distance triathlon in 1997 and at the time of recording Cam has completed Circa 70 Ironman distance triathlons.

Cam has won the New Zealand Ironman Triathlon championships 12 times.  Has been crowned the European ironman champion in Frankfurt, has two second place finishes at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships, two third place finishes at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. Has won the Cannes Ironman title, Metaman Ironman Distance Champion and the list goes on and on.  Cam’s last New Zealand Ironman title in fact came at the age of 43 in 2016.

During this episode Cam shares some key concepts that kept him in the game. These include attitude to training, being consistent, listening to one’s body, the importance of developing good running technique and how that impacts on running efficiency, strength conditioning, structuring training programs and of course we reflect on some of the early days in the world of Triathlon.  There’s a whole lot of fun in this and a lot of learnings as well.  Here is Cam Brown, 12 times New Zealand Ironman Champion, sharing his career highs, lows and learnings.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • How Cameron first fell in love with Triathlon
  • Attributes that are required in Triathlon
  • His Discipline
  • Recollections from his previous race
  • Significance of Ironman Titles for him
  • Top 3 Requirements for Master Athletes
  • Intensity of his training sessions
  • How he adjusted to overloads
  • What has been his best bike time in Triathlon
  • Top 3 Requirements for Good Distance Running
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • What is the high light of his career
  • Secret of performing in the heat
  • Darkest day
  • Top 3 Nutrition Tips
  • Managing physiological changes

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Cam Brown

Cam Brown

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