Podcast Episode 212: Vicky Holland: 2018 World Triathlon Series Champion & Olympic Bronze Medallist
In episode 212 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Vicky Holland: 2018 World Triathlon Series Champion & Olympic Bronze Medallist in this featured performer edition. In 2016 at the Rio Olympic Games, Vicky Holland became the first British woman to ever win an Olympic Triathlon Medal, when she secured the Bronze Medal in a Sprint Finish with her compatriot and fellow UK based Triathlete, Non Stanford. In addition to that Vicky is a 3x Commonwealth Games medallist and a Member of the Bahrain Endurance 13 Team. During this episode Vicky shares the highs, the lows and the many learnings. Issues a fantastic physical challenge for the week and survives the physical performance round. We explore Vicky being courted by the sport as a young and promising athlete almost walking away from the sport on several occasions, overcoming a significant 17 and half cm calf tear to get back to the top of the sport, Vicky’s top 3 injury tips and Top 3 running tips. Plus Vicky shares around why strength and conditioning in gym work remains such a critical path for athletic preparations. Vicky is a real character and you really enjoy Vicky’s sharings.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Vicky’s experience in Mooloolaba Triathlon
  • Triathlon career start
  • Teaming up with Brownlee Brothers
  • Working with Coach and Partner Rhys Davey
  • Darkest Day in Vicky’s career
  • Top 3 Tips in coming back from injury
  • Vicky’s routine after soft tissue injury
  • Strength and conditioning work
  • Why Vicky does not use the word pain in training
  • Bahrain games experience
  • Physical Performance Round
  • Top 3 Running Tips
  • What drives Vicky Holland
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