Podcast Episode 210: Mike Wardian – US Ultra and Marathon Runner
In episode 210 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Mike Wardian – US Ultra and Marathon Runner in this featured performer edition. Could you imagine running 262.5 miles or 422 KM across 63 hours with no sleep? That is what today’s featured performer US Ultra and Marathon acclaimed distance runner Mike Wardian did. But wait there’s more, Mike did this around the block whilst under quarantine and Mike termed it the #quarantinebackyardultra. We didn’t discuss the quarantine backyard ultra on today’s featured performer episode but we did discuss many of Mike’s other records. For example, Mike has been the fastest marathoner ever dressed as Spiderman and Elvis. Mike has also held the fastest 50km treadmill world record set in 2015 of 2 hours and 59 minutes. Mike holds the World Abbott Marathon Majors record for the fastest average time across all six world marathon majors; Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York with an average time of 2:31:09 and most recently Mike picked up the Bronze Medal at the USA Track & Field 50km National Road Championships crossing the line in 3:06:10 which was a US 45 to 49 year old masters record. Mike Wardian is prolific, he has raced more than 50 times a year.  Last year Mike covered 2591km in competition alone. Mike’s sporting resume is something to behold and on this episode Mike shares around the highs, lows and learnings of his incredible career. We play the game of three’s with Mike outlining his top 3 tips for masters runners, top 3 trail running tips, top 3 recovery tips and top 3 marathon tips.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Mike’s guiding light
  • Custom dress running
  • Mike’s Best Run Times
  • Marathon records in the Abbott World Marathons
  • Mike as Fastest 50km treadmill run
  • Treadmill Records during coronavirus
  • The joys of running or moving in general
  • Mike’s strength and conditioning program
  • Mikes Top 3 Tips for Master Runners (40+ age)
  • Invincible Training Concept
  • Top 3 Marathon Tips for Runners pursuing their PB
  • Top 3 Trail Running Tips
  • Physical Performance Round
  • Where his running genes come from
  • Tips on strengthening your bone health after injury
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