Podcast Episode 206: Brett Robinson, AUS Olympian, 59:57 AUS Half Mara Record Holder

In episode 206 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Brett Robinson, AUS Olympian, 59:57 AUS Half Mara Record Holder in this featured performer edition.  

Brett Robinson recently smashed the decade long Australian Half Marathon record running a very swift 59:57 at the Marugame Half Marathon in Japan. And of course, we discuss that incredible run on today’s episode. A run that saw Brett, net quite noble but cool title of Strava’s Fastest Ever Half Marathoner.   Brett shares around career highs including his fantastic 2019 London Marathon debut where he ran an incredible 20:10:55 after going through the halfway mark at 63:25 and embracing the blow up as Brett returns on the back end of that Marathon.  

We talk about running the final of the 5000m in Rio in 2016 Olympic Games and a very funny little tale that Brett shares on why and how the finals were held up for 15 minutes after Brett forgot his race bib.  

We discuss the low points of Brett’s career, the multiple femoral stress reactions and what happens when pacing goes terribly wrong in a marathon. There’s plenty of learnings as well, altitude training, strength and conditioning, the power of self-belief, learnings taken from Eliud Kipchoge and the pacemakers of the INEOS 159 Challenge of which Brett contributed to. Brett shares his top three Marathon tips, a physical challenge for the week and so much more.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • The Marugame Half Marathon Race
  • Observations about recovery
  • Brett’s debut marathon experience
  • Brett as the Fastest Marathon in Strava
  • Brett shared around why he was late with his previous race bib
  • How Brett started his running career
  • People Brett admires
  • Best learnings under Nick’s coaching
  • Darkest Day of his career
  • Lessons learned on Pacing
  • Managing bones and stress injuries
  • Brett’s Strengthening and Conditioning Program
  • The role of altitude training for Brett

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