Podcast Episode 204: Sharon Hannan, Sprint & Hurdles Champion Coach

In episode 204 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Sharon Hannan, Sprint & Hurdles Champion Coach in this coaches corner edition.

In this Coaches Corner featuring Sharon Hannan, Australian Sprints and Hurdles Athletics Coach and Former Coach of Sally Pearson who of course went on to collect Commonwealth World and Olympic Gold Medals in the 100m Hurdles.

Sharon is a Level 4 Specialist for Sprints Relays and Hurdles a Level 3 advanced Junior Coach and you’ll find Sharon on the Gold Coast overseeing the Gold Coast Victory Athletics Club and her and her husband Peter Hannan also an acclaimed Track and Field Coach on the track working on their Aussie athletics and sports credentials coaching services.

In this episode, you’ll hear Sharon share around her top coaching principles, career highs, lows and many learnings and how it all started so humbly in Rural Queensland and culminated in the highest of highs Olympic Gold with Sally Pearson, who Sharon coached for fourteen and half years from age 12.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Sharon’s family background
  • Accomplishments in her coaching career
  • Reason for moving to the Gold Coast
  • How her husband helps in her coaching career
  • How she classified herself as a Coach
  • How she looks to other Coaches
  • Highlights of her coaching career
  • Instilling Confidence in athletes
  • Practical Examples of Commitment
  • Attributes of Sally Pearson
  • Instances where Athletes can’t participate in an event
  • Top 3 Tips for athletes to get ready for the day
  • Recovery strategies
  • Coaching through transitions of athletes
  • Coaches that Sharon admires
  • Top attributes of a Coach

Sharon Hannan Sharon Hannan

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