Podcast Episode 203: Zane Robertson, NZ Olympian – Part 2 Live from Ethiopia

In episode 203 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Zane Robertson, NZ Olympian in this featured performer edition.

Zane Robertson is a NZ Olympic Marathon runner who lives and trains in Ethiopia.  Zane featured on Episode 170 of The Physical Performance Show.  I‘ve just returned from some time in Ethiopia where I assisted in my role as a Sports Physio working with athletics, New Zealand to assist Zane in some upcoming marathon preparations.

We recorded this conversation on the balcony of Zane‘s home in Mizan on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. It has an altitude of approximately 2,800M and I’ve learned some lessons about running at altitude while developing quite marked altitude sickness.

During this episode Zane shares around leaving New Zealand with his twin brother Jake Robertson to head to East Africa at just 17 years of age along with some fantastic stories from when they first arrived in Africa. We discuss Black Mambas and Hyenas, running at altitude, the importance of strength and conditioning, why it is important that we never ever stop learning as athletes, a 2 hour planking record, fuelling for the training required, overcoming doubts , Zane’s top 3 marathon tips along with a fantastic Physical Challenge for the week.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Zane’s insight about the 2019 Gold Coast Marathon
  • Hardships the brothers experienced when they first arrived in Kenya
  • Initial accommodation experience
  • Difference of living in the city and in the mountains
  • Living and training in Mizan
  • Altitude Training Tips from Zane Robertson
  • Zane’s routines for keeping healthy
  • 60 minute plank challenge competition
  • Ethiopian Track Session – Drills
  • Training Cycles for Zane Robertson
  • Best advice for new marathon runners
  • Importance of listening to your body
  • What’s next with Zane Robertson
  • Hamstring strength
  • How Kobe Bryant’s passing impacted him
  • What is Zane Robertson’s legacy
  • How he manages his schedules before and during competition
  • Where is his nickname come from
  • Top 3 Tips for a Marathon

Zane Robertson Zane Robertson

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