Podcast Episode 199: Dave McNeill – Dual AUS Olympian

In episode 199 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Dave McNeill – Dual AUS Olympian in this featured performer episode.

Dave McNeill at time of recording had recently wrapped up his Physiotherapy Studies but also just days earlier ran a scintillating 28:16 for a 4th Place at the Australian 10,000m Track Titles at the Zatopek Classic. By way of bio, in the 2012 London Olympic Games, Dave finished 28th in the 5,000m, at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Dave finished 16th.  In the final of the 10,000m in July 2019 Dave marked his comeback with a 5000km National Cross Country Title but as you’ll hear during this episode, Dave’s career has certainly also take him to the wilderness years of injury. In fact, injury cost Dave Australian representation at the 2018 Commonwealth Games where he was set to take part in the 5,000m and 10,000m events. It was bone stress injury which sidelined Dave.

As you will hear today that took Dave down the path of exploration where he was to discover that one of the causing factors of his injury had been training through the status of low energy availability or as we’ve been exploring in prior episodes of the show including last week’s Expert Edition with UK based Sports and Endocrinologist Dr. Nicky Keay. Many endurance athletes inadvertently and unintentionally find themselves in a state of RED-S Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport. The flow on effects can be detriments in performance but also the effects can be found through a detriment of health. One particular flow on effect of relative energy deficiency for athletes is low bone mineral density. Dave had to confront that when his bone mineral density came back very low in his lumbar spine.

During this episode we explore topics including how to navigate self doubt, appraising readiness to perform, overcoming the fear of the pain that we put ourselves through leading up to an event, Dave’s concept of old man strength, the idea of not looking at the training in isolation or in a vacuum but rather over the long term considering the bigger picture, the mistake Dave made in mistaking the stable weight has been an energy balance.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Reflections on his Zatopek Performance
  • Representation and preparation for 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  • Highlights in Dave’s career
  • Sabotaging performance – intentional and unintentional
  • Fear of pain when injured
  • Practical Things that Dave practised before Rio Olympics
  • What does a training week look like for Dave
  • Role of Gym Strength and Conditioning for Dave
  • Darkest Days of Dave’s career
  • How Dave processed having a low bone density and the change to his diet
  • Biggest learning of his career
  • Words from Bernard Lagat to Dave McNeill

Dave McNeill Dave McNeill

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