Podcast Episode 193: Joel Filliol, Elite Triathlon Coach, Olympic Performance Director Italian Triathlon Federation

In episode 193 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Joel Filliol, Elite Triathlon Coach, Olympic Performance Director Italian Triathlon Federation in this coaches corner edition.

Joel Filliol is one of triathlons most experienced and successful professional coaches. Joel has been involved in endurance sports since 1989 both as an athlete and as a coach. As an athlete, Joel has competed in over 100 triathlon and multi sport events and represented Canada at World Championships in triathlon and duathlon. As a Coach, Joel has worked with athletes at the highest levels including the Ironman, Ironman 73.5 World Triathlon Championships, the ITU World Elite, Age Group Championships and multi sport games such as Commonwealth, Pan American and of course multiple Olympic Games.

Joel’s previous roles includes serving as Head Coach for the British Triathlon. Working with athletes such as Olympic Gold medallist Alistair Brownlee, Jonathan Brownlee and Helen Jenkins. Joel also served Triathlon Canada for 2 years as the Development Coach of the National Triathlon Centre in Victoria before taking on the scene of Coaching role from 2006-2008.  Currently Joel works in the role of Olympic Performance Director for the Federation of Italian Triathlon leading the program to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

In 2019 in the World Triathlon series, Joel coached his athletes to 19 podiums, 12 World Triathlon series wins with seven different athletes, 3 World triathlon series overall podiums and the season culminated with the crowning of both the male and female World Triathlon Champions in Vincent Luis taking the men’s title and Katie Zaferes taking the women’s world champion title. Prior to that, Joel coached Spanish Triathlete Mario Mola to 3 Consecutive World Triathlon series titles as well. There really is few coaches in the world of endurance sports that has a track record as Joel Filliol of the JFT crew.

During this episode, you’ll hear from Joel around the principles that he believes dictates the high performance. Joel’s approach really is to keep things simple as he outlines in this interview; simplicity is really is an ultimate sophistication. Get ready to learn about why more and faster is not always better, why the goal is to make fewer poor decisions, why managing workouts when they’re going really well is so important, why paying attention to athletes and their non verbals is absolutely crucial, the concept of the minimally effective dose, why having the confidence to do less can be so important and so much more.

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