Podcast Episode 189: Tommy & Eoin Hughes: Guinness World Record Father & Son Fastest Combined Marathon (Tommy 59yrs 2:27:52, Eoin 33yrs 2:31:30)

In episode 189 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Tommy & Eoin Hughes: Guinness World Record Father & Son Fastest Combined Marathon (Tommy 59yrs 2:27:52, Eoin 33yrs 2:31:30) in this interest edition.

This is an incredible story of Irish runners, father and son, Tommy and Eoin Hughes. This story is quite unique because Tommy and Eoin recently set a Guinness World Record of the combined time for a father and son crossing a marathon finish line. This was done at the 2019 Frankfurt Marathon just several weeks ago where, Tommy, 59 years of age set a World Age record for running a staggering 2:27:52 and Eoin who has just been in the sport of running for 3 years clocked an incredible 2:31:30 on his Marathon debut. The combined time 4:59:22.

During this episode, we share the story of Tommy Hughes, a 1992 Irish Olympian in the Marathon, a former Melbourne Australia Marathon winner and Multi Marathon winner who has been a lifelong runner, along with Eoin who through the bulk of his adult life preferred parties, some drinking and some cigarettes over running shoes.

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