Podcast Episode 184: Chris Johnson, Physical Therapist – Bone Stress Injury Management (Part 1)

In episode 184 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Chris Johnson, Physical Therapist in Part 1 of this Expert Edition of Bone Stress Injury Management.

Chris Johnson is a highly regarded and esteemed Physical Therapist based in Seattle, USA. Chris is an avid endurance triathlete, a two time Kona Hawaii Ironman qualifier and a Certified Triathlon Coach. Chris is also extensively published in medical literature and has a monthly column on Ironman. In addition to that Chris has a fantastic YouTube Channel and is the co-host of the Runners Zone, a great podcast on all things clinical for practitioners and runners alike and it is this great mix of personal endurance based sports and knowledge and his distinct gift for treating endurance athlete runners that made Chris a fitting  guest to explore this Expert Expedition on all things bone stress injuries.

During this expert edition we discuss all things bone stress injuries, including the diagnosis and assessment of them, concepts such as hitting peak bone mass through the developmental years, how and why runners including myself succumb at times to runners stupidity syndrome, why it is important to tinker with only one variable at a time with return to run programs along with debunking some common myths around bones and running and loading.

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