Podcast Episode 182: Adam Meakins – The Sports Physio, The Unstable Shoulder

In episode 182 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Adam Meakins – The Sports Physio, The Unstable Shoulder in this expert edition.

Adam Meakins aka The Sports Physio is a Physiotherapist, a strength and conditioning specialist and an extended scope practitioner in both the National Health Service and private practice in Hertfordshire, England. Throughout his career Adam has worked in many roles including professional sport and has been fortunate to work with and learn from some of the world’s leading shoulder authorities and experts. Adam has helped a wide and diverse range of people from professional athletes to the general public and understands the importance of a robust progressive rehabilitation being integral to the recovery of injury and optimisation of the body throughout life. Adam strongly believes in a no-nonsense, simple, practical and evidence-based approach to therapy and the physiotherapy profession. Adam has been actively involved in a number of clinical research projects, he has published papers in peer-reviewed journals and has also written a chapter for the latest edition of the Bestselling Sports medicine book Brukner and Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine.

During this expert edition we explore the unstable or loose shoulder with Adam Meakins. We examine the categories of an unstable or loose shoulder, the worn, the born and the torn loose shoulder, dislocations on the football field or some of those ugly party tricks that your friends do when they can turn themselves into seemingly impossible positions. This is an episode that explores great principles on how to maintain a healthy shoulder across your lifespan, common mistakes people make in training shoulders and so much more.

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