Podcast Episode 173: Dr Jo Lukins – Psychologist, Author ‘The Elite’

In episode 173 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Psychologist, Author ‘The Elite’ – Dr Jo Lukins in this expert edition.

Dr Jo Lukins has a PhD as well as 25 years of Clinical Psychology experience. Dr Jo is the founding Sports Psychologist for the Australian Rugby League Team North Queensland Cowboys and the Townsville Fire Basketball Team. Dr Jo regularly delivers programs in resilience and expert performance for the Australian Defence Force and has just recently released her first book titled “The Elite: Think like an Athlete, Succeed like a Champion – 10 Things the Elite do Differently”. The book includes chapter titles such as Take your Mark, Mindset Master Plan, the Bannister Effect, Systems in Place, Tell it Straight, In your Corner, The Gratitude Attitude, Enjoy the Ride plus two Chapters that we touch on during this episode, The Concepts Embracing the Suck, Being comfortable with the uncomfortable and from The Elite; Chapter 8, Life Balance BS in which Jo shares around the concept that chasing balance is a myth and why in fact it may cause stress when seeking to pursue your own Physical Best or your best in any area in life.

In addition to touching on two of the chapters in Jo’s recently released book, Jo also shares around the role of psychology in injury rehabilitation, why people who are optimistic tend to do better in life but in what situations optimism may in fact not be favourable. Dr Jo challenges us to evaluate success, we also touch on the concept of effort and why enhancing self-esteem through the right coaching queues is so paramount. This is a terrific psychological deep dive so jump in, take notes with Dr Jo Lukins on this expert edition.

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