Podcast Episode 171: Neil Meigh – Dr Physiotherapy, @kettlebellphysio, PhD Bond University

In episode 171 of The Physical Performance Show Brad I share a conversation with Dr Physiotherapy, @kettlebellphysio, PhD Bond University – Neil Meigh in this expert edition.

Neil Meigh graduated as a mature age student in 2012 from Bond University on the Gold Coast with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Doctor of Physiotherapy. Neil was first introduced to Kettlebell Hardstyle Training towards the end of 2012 where he then went on to complete the RKC Instructor Training Course. Neil has been strength training since 1991, he is a Certified Personal Trainer and he has been using Kettlebells exclusively for more than 6 years in his work as a Physiotherapist and now a Researcher.

Neil’s professional focus is on Healthcare, not sick-care and Neil believes in the maxim that prevention is better than cure. Neil is due to complete his PhD at Bond University in early 2021 with the project being titled “Investigating the Effects of Pragmatic Hardstyle Kettlebell Training on the Measures of Health Related Physical Fitness and Psycho Social Well-being in Sedentary Older Athletes”. Neil describes the Kettlebell as being no better than anything else but a small, portable, inexpensive relatively easy to learn and really fun to use once you know how. Neil likens the Kettlebell to the swiss army knife of exercise options.

During this episode, we discuss all things Kettlebell training.  Neil shares the history on kettlebell, the anatomy of the kettlebell, the insight regarding the best use of kettlebells and his 6 main exercises.  If you’ve ever wondered how to use a kettlebell and incorporate it into your training, then tune in now. 

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