Podcast Episode 170: Zane Robertson – NZ Marathon Record Holder 2:08:19, 59:47 half marathon, Comm Games Bronze (5000m, 2014), Olympian

In episode 170 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with NZ Marathon Record Holder 2:08:19, 59:47 half marathon, Comm Games Bronze (5000m, 2014), Olympian – Zane Robertson in this featured performer episode.

During this episode you will hear Zane share around some of the hardships that he endured as a Junior Runner. The bullying at school growing up, classmates and also even teachers. The studying that he and Jake did to learn and understand what it would take to be a world class runner. The pressures of being an unsponsored athlete including at the time of recording. The heartache that comes with injury including 2 sacral stress fractures that cost Zane a 2018 Marathon Debut at the Commonwealth Games. The emotions and feelings Zane was experiencing in the lead up to his Marathon Debut at the Gold Coast Marathon. The training insights of the Kenyans and the Ethiopians, strength and conditioning principles, the importance of training tendons and Zane lays down a physical challenge to us for the week. At the time of recording, Zane now calls Ethiopia home, having married Baeza his Ethiopian sweetheart and this is a little insight into the world of Zane Robertson, New Zealand Distance Running Star.

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Zane Robertson

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Zane Robertson

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