Podcast Episode 169: Glynis Nunn – OAM, Olympic Heptathlon Champion (1984)

In episode 169 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with OAM, Olympic Heptathlon Champion (1984) – Glynis Nunn in this featured performer episode.

Glynis Nunn has had a long and distinguished sporting career which spans more than 30 years as an Athlete, Coach and Administrator. After, Glynis’s Dual Heptathlon Gold Medals at the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games followed by the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, Glynis was granted the Medal of The Order of Australia. Glynis is a qualified Secondary Physical Education and English Teacher and a Level 5 Track and Field Coach. Glynis has trained Athletes for the World Youth and Junior Games, The Commonwealth Games, World Championships and The Olympic Games. She currently serves as the Director of the Gold Coast Academy of Sport and also as the Executive Director for the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association.

We cover so much during this episode including the development of Junior Athletes, what matters, what doesn’t, mindset, overcoming challenges. We debunk some myths around Junior Strength and Conditioning and Glynis issues her Physical Challenge for the week.

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Glynis Nunn

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Glynis Nunn

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