Podcast Episode 167: Jared Powell – Dr Physiotherapy, @shoulder_physio, PhD Bond University

In episode 167 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Dr Physiotherapy, @shoulder_physio, PhD Bond University – Jared Powell in this Expert Edition.

Jared Powell is a Gold Coast based Physiotherapist who is currently completing his PhD in shoulder pain at Bond University, where he is also a visiting lecturer and tutor. Shoulder pain is an enormous burn in society with half of the population experiencing shoulder pain in any given calendar year. It’s the third most common complaint that general practitioners hear from their patients and for those who have suffered from shoulder pain you know what an impact it can have on your daily function and your overall well-being.

Specifically, on this episode, Jared and I dived deep into Rotator Cuff Pathology and Frozen Shoulder. Jared shares some evidence-based guidelines on the management of these common conditions. He explores the role of surgery for shoulder pain and also the role of injectables in the treatment and management of shoulder conditions. So I encourage you even if you aren’t currently experiencing shoulder pain to tune on in and take notes.

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Jared Powell

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