Podcast Episode 166: Ryan Sandes – Trail Running Champion, 2017 Western States 100mile Champion
In episode 166 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Ryan Sandes – Trail Running Champion, 2017 Western States 100mile Champion in this Featured Performer Episode. Ryan Sandes won the coveted 100m Western States Endurance Run in 2017. This was 5 years after Ryan incidentally made his debut in that event in 2012 where he finished runner up, prior to that the 2012 Western States Endurance Run debut.  Ryan has taken out the coveted titles of the Leadville Trail 100miler in 2011, had taken victory in the Sahara Desert Race in 2008, the Gobi March in 2008, he came second in 2009 Racing The Planet Namibia Dessert Challenge and was the Winner of the Jungle Ultra Marathon held in Brazil in which he set a new course record. In 2010 Ryan became the first competitor to have won all four of the coveted Desert Trail Races, each a 6-7 day 250km self-supported foot race. In addition to this in 2008 Ryan and trail running partner Ryno Griesel set a new fastest known time across the great Himalaya trail covering an astonishing 1504km in 24 days, 4 hours and 24 minutes. In 2016 Ryan launched his autobiography TrailBlazer which has become a worldwide success. People are not only inspired by Ryan’s athletic ability but also his humble and down to earth approach to life. Ryan is a Father and a dedicated family man and on the time of recording was on the doorstep of 2019 Western States Endurance 100m campaign. During this episode Ryan shares the highs, lows and learnings in his trail running, where his interest in trail running started, how staying positive has helped him, becoming a Dad, competing in the Western States Endurance Run and so much more. Subscribe NOW and listen in to this episode.

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