Podcast Episode 163: Jules McConnel – 2007 AUS Canopy Piloting Intermediate Speed Champion and Current Female National Sky Diving Record Holder

In episode 163 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with 2007 AUS Canopy Piloting Intermediate Speed Champion and Current Female National Sky Diving Record Holder – Jules McConnel in this Interest Edition. 

Jules McConnel is a champion sky diver and has amassed an incredible 10,500 jumps in her career. Through her key professional years jumping up to 900 times per year. In 2012 Jules joined up with her jumping partner Michael Vaughan to set an Australasian record of 300 jumps in a day. Jules specialises in canopy formation jumping and has been many times over the Australian representative of the world skydiving championships and at the time of recording was preparing for the upcoming World Championships to be held in Siberia.

During this episode Jules touches on the need to fight complacency in all that we do, remaining focused, the importance of listening to coaches, respecting those that have gone before us and Jules outlines the darkest day in her professional career, that of losing her jumping partner in a fatal accident, Michael Vaughan in 2015. We also discuss the highs, the lows and the learnings.

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Jules McConnel

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Jules McConnel

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