Podcast Episode 162: Hayden Wilde – Double World Champion XTERRA (U/19) & NZ Professional Triathlete

In episode 162 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Double World Champion XTERRA (U/19) & NZ Professional Triathlete –
Hayden Wilde in this Featured Performer Episode.

Hayden Wilde is a New Zealand Professional Triathlete chasing selection for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Hayden is a much loved figure throughout the Super League Triathlon series where I met him personally.  Recently in the World Triathlon series he has really stood out particularly with the season opener for the 2019 season in Abu Dhabi where Hayden led a great charge to lead the race 3 quarters into the run. What makes Hayden’s burgeoning success so amazing is that he’s only been competing in the sport of Triathlon for a few short years having come from an XTERRA / offroad background where in the under 19 category Hayden picked up a double world championship.

Hayden has a nickname the Maltese Falcon and is one of the happiest go lucky guys on the circuit of world triathlon. But behind the charm and the smiles Hayden has endured real personal hardships which he touches on during this episode sharing the tragic death of his father where he was just a young man and the subsequent impact that had on Hayden. We touch on the highs and the lows and of course the learnings and we were privileged to have Hayden’s coach Craig Kirkwood join us during the time of the recording. Craig himself is a Commonwealth Games, Distance Runner from New Zealand who shared some great coaching insights.

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Hayden Wilde

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Hayden Wilde

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