Podcast Episode 157: Bobby Tuttle – St George QLD Reds Rugby Union Scrumhalf
In episode 157 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with St George QLD Reds Rugby Union Scrumhalf – James (Bobby) Tuttle in this featured performer episode. James (Bobby) Tuttle first debuted for the St George Queensland Reds in a Super Rugby Australian League in 2016. Prior to that in 2015 Bobby had shown enormous promise by captaining Australia in the under 20’s to the World Rugby Championships held in Italy. During this episode Bobby shares the highs, the lows and the learnings about his career to date. Bobby is in a very unique situation to share around the lows of sport. Only a matter of weeks prior to recording Bobby suffered a re-rupture of his recently repaired Achilles Tendon, that’s right a re-rupture only one cm higher than his previous Achilles Tendon repair. This is a really fascinating insight into the world of professional sport and the psychology of injury.

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