Podcast Episode 149: Mick Hughes – Physiotherapist: ACL & knee injury rehabilitation (Expert Edition)

In episode 149 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Mick Hughes – Physiotherapist: ACL & knee injury rehabilitation (Expert Edition)

Mick Hughes is a Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist consulting at the Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre. Mick has an expertise in all things relating to ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury. Mick’s consulted with various elite sporting teams across his career and is also the co-Author of the Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide 2.0. The guide is extensively used by clinicians worldwide and also people who have undergone a surgical reconstruction of their ACL ligament to help them get back to sports successfully.

During this episode Mick Hughes shares about all things ACL rehabilitation, certain groups of individuals that are more at risk of an ACL injury, we touch on general rehabilitation principles along with an interesting conversation around blood flow restriction training.

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Mick Hughes Mick Hughes

Mick Hughes Mick Hughes

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