Podcast Episode 148: Rich Blagrove – Strength & Conditioning Coach, PhD Exercise Physiology, Author (Expert Edition)

In episode 148 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Rich Blagrove – Strength & Conditioning Coach, PhD Exercise Physiology, Author (Expert Edition)

Richard is a Post Graduate Researcher, the Course Leader for Sport and Exercise Science at Birmingham City University, he has been a strength and conditioning Coach to multiple Olympic Athletes, has overseen strength and conditioning formally at The Royal Ballet Company in London and has previously been the Director of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association. In addition Richard is a well loaded Researcher having published multiple papers on all things strength and conditioning for the distance runner. One of his more recent systematic reviews being the effects of strength training on the physiological determinants of middle and long distance running performance.

In 2015 Richard authored ‘Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running’ and inside the pages of Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running Richard provides the arguments, the evidence and the answers. It contains everything that you need to develop your own strength and conditioning routine. Most runners are aware that strength and conditioning work can help their running but the majority are unsure of the finer details on exactly why and how.

During this episode we dive deep into the world of the how, the what and the why of all things strength and conditioning for runners.

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Rich Blagrove Rich Blagrove

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