Podcast Episode 147: Jono Hall – Head Coach Triathlon Canada (Coaches Corner)

In episode 147 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Jono Hall – Head Coach Triathlon Canada (Coaches Corner)

Jono Hall is a renowned Coach in the world of Triathlon however Jono was also a top level athlete winning the 1997 Australian Road Cycling Championships.  Jono went on to ride professionally being trained at the Australian Institute of Sport for many years and also later with the Festina Professional Road Cycling Team. Jono went on to finish 8th in the World Cycling Championships and also gained selection for the 1994 Commonwealth Games representing Australia. But it was in the sport of Duathlon that Jono really excelled. In 1997 Jono took the World ITU Duathlon title in convincing fashion.

Jono now works as a coach with some of the World’s best triathlon competitors and during this episode we discuss the philosophies that underpin Jono Hall’s success as a Head Coach for Triathlon Canada, we touch on when to intervene and when not to intervene as a coach, the concept of a 4 day weekly training cycle. Jono shares what he believes constitutes good coaching and also his top 3 characteristics of athletes seeking to reach their physical best, we talk about why the fundamentals cannot be neglected for the one percenters and how Jono builds trust with his athletes.

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