Podcast Episode 146: Dr Dan Pronk – Ex Army Special Forces Doctor (Interest Edition)

In episode 146 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Dr Dan Pronk – Ex Army Special Forces Doctor (Interest Edition)

Dr Dan Pronk was a former doctor within the Australian Special Operations Command. Dr Pronk was deployed on operations on 5 occasions with the Army including one time to Timor and 4 times to Afghanistan. In serving as a Medical Doctor for the Australian Elite Combat, Dr Pronk required to survive, navigate and think in extremely high stakes life or death situations.

During this episode Dr Dan Pronk shares around mindset in high stakes environments but also in terms of his journey in completing medical school, the rigours of applying and successfully gaining entry into the SAS and then also the learnings he has taken from his 5 deployments in the Australian Defence Force. Recently Dr Pronk authored his first publication titled “Not your Average 70kg D***head: Motivational Lessons from an ex Army Special Forces Doctor”. You will also hear Dan outline 3 of those 17 principles including the power of persistence, ignoring criticism and competing with only yourself along with the highs, lows and many learnings of his remarkable career.

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Dr Dan Pronk Dr Dan Pronk

Dr Dan Pronk

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