Podcast Episode 145: 2018 Highlights Reel

Listen in to episode 145 of The Physical Performance Show as we recap the year that was 2018! In this episode you will enjoy some of the highlights from the 52 guests that were featured across the 2018 calendar year. What a year it was, 2018 saw the Physical Performance Show regularly sitting inside the iTunes Top 20 for Health and Fitness and it has passed 400,000 downloads of the show since inception, so a huge thank you for your support.

This episode features

  • Lionel Sanders – Professional Triathlete & 2017 ITU Long Course Triathlon Champion, Episode 92
  • Matt Fitzgerald – Best Selling Author ‘How Bad Do You Want It?’, Episode 109
  • Prof Stuart McGill – Biomechanist & Lower Back Pain Expert, Episode 108
  • Lee Troop  – 3x Olympic Marathoner, Former 5000m AUS record holder, Episode 101
  • Matt Fox – Sweat Elite – Train Like the World’s Best (ft Matt Fox), Episode 136
  • Alex Hutchinson – Author New York Times Bestseller ENDURE, Episode 123
  • Dick Telford – AUS Distance Running Coach + Sports Scientist (AM, AUS Sports Hall of Fame Inductee), Episode 119
  • Tim Don – Ironman Triathlon World Record Holder, 3x Olympian, 4x World Champion (Featured Performer), Episode 130
  • Dan Smith – AUS Olympic Swimmer, Episode 137
  • Mark Allen – 6-Time IRONMAN World Champion, Episode 139

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Highlights Episode Highlights Episode

Highlights Episode Highlights Episode

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