Podcast Episode 143: Dr. David Cunnington – Sleep Specialist, Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre

In episode 143 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Dr. David Cunnington – Sleep Specialist, Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre (Expert Edition)

Dr. Cunnington is a Specialist Sleep Physician who is the co-Director of Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre. It is a Multi-Disciplinary Sleep Clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Dr. Cunnington undertook his training in sleep medicine both in Australia and also at Harvard Medical School, Boston. In addition to David’s training in sleep medicine he has an international qualification in behavioural sleep medicine using non drug treatments to manage sleep. Dr. Cunnington is a prolific media spokesperson, you can find him in radio, TV, his own podcast, he is a sort out expert commentator on this phenomena of sleep. He’s a regular national and international key note speaker, he’s also had a water rave experience in the sporting field as he will share on this episode.

This is an episode not to be missed especially if you’ve ever wondered about your sleep, are you getting enough? Is it the best quality? How can you improve it? This episode will challenge your perceptions about your own sleep and perhaps liberate you to approach sleep differently and to not be so dogmatic about the do’s and don’ts.

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Dr David Cunnington Dr David Cunnington

Dr David Cunnington Dr David Cunnington

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