Podcast Episode 141: Matt Fitzgerald – Best Selling Author ‘80/20 Running’

In episode 141 of The Physical Performance Show Lewis Craig shares a conversation with Matt Fitzgerald – Best Selling Author ‘80/20 Running’ (Interest Edition)

Matt Fitgerald is an acclaimed endurance sports and nutrition writer. He is the Author of the Best Selling books “Racing Weight” and “How Bad Do you Want It?” Matt is a Regular Columnist for magazines such as Competitor, Bicycle and Men’s Health Triathlete Men’s Journal, Outside Runners World and Women’s Health. Most recently Matt co-authored his latest book called “80/20 Triathlon” which is a further exploration of the theme of the best-selling 80/20 Running.

In this conversation Matt shares around the concept that if you want to run faster then why it is important to slow down. Through research analysis and then output into a version that is reader friendly in 80/20 running, Matt will explain why the secret of becoming a speedier runner is going slow most of the time. It is contradictory but as Matt explains in today’s conversation, it is a habit and a training principle that has withstood the ages and underpins the performance of the world’s best runners today. Simply put, running too hard Matt believes is the single most common and detrimental mistake that runners make. So join into this conversation with Lewis Craig, Pogo Physiotherapist had with best-selling Author Matt Fitzgerald, here it is.

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Matt Fitzgerald Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald Matt Fitzgerald

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