Podcast Episode 138: Nicola Spirig – Olympic Triathlon Champion (2012)

In episode 138 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with featured performer Nicola Spirig – Olympic Triathlon Champion (2012).

Nicola Spirig is a Swiss Powerhouse Triathlete, she is the 2012 London Olympic Games Champion and then 4 years later she won Silver in the Rio Olympic Games. What makes Nicola so unique and so interesting as an athlete is her longevity.  She will be shooting for her fifth Olympic Games Campaign at Tokyo 2020.  Nicola has also recently announced to the world that she is expecting her third child ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

During this episode Nicola shares her back story, being coached by Brett Sutton, a conversation that Nicola recalls she had with Gwen Jorgensen as she ran to the line in 2016 to try and win her Second Olympic Games title. Nicola’s favourite fuel before a race is chocolate and that even the Olympic Champion gets nervous on the start line. Subscribe below and tune in!

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Nicola Spirig Nicola Spirig

Nicola Spirig Nicola Spirig

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