Podcast Episode 134: Richard Thompson – Ultraman Australia Champion 2017 & Current Ultraman World Record Holder

In episode 134 of The Physical Performance Show I had a conversation with Richard Thompson – Ultraman Australia Champion 2017 & Current Ultraman World Record Holder.

Richard is a man of incredible endurance. Richard is the 2017 Australian Ultraman Champion, and the current Ultraman World Record Holder. An Ultraman competition comprises of 321.6 mile journey (517.5km) and involves a 6.2 miles swim (10km), 263 miles of cycling (423 km) and 52. 4 miles (84 km) of ultra marathoning. During this episode Richard shares his non sporting background, how he got started in Ultraman, the highs and lows in his career as well as some insightful methodology.

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Richard Thompson Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson

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