Podcast Episode 131: Lydia Lassila, OAM – 5x AUS Olympian, Olympic Champion Aerial Skier

In episode 131 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer has a conversation with Lydia Lassila, OAM – 5x AUS Olympian, Olympic Champion Aerial Skier.

On this episode, Lydia Lassila is a 5x Winter Olympic Representative for Australia and Lydia won the gold medal in the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 2010 for the Women’s Free Style skiing Aerials. Four years later Lydia backed this up and took a bronze medal in Sochi once again in the aerials. Lydia’s jump in the Sochi Winter Olympics was a quad-twisting triple somersault, a first for a female aerial skier.

During this episode, its breaking limits that we focus on. Yes there is the limits that Lydia courageously broke and overcame in her remarkable sporting career and there is also the body that broke as well, the lows of sport and performance. Lydia takes us through recovery from 2 ruptured ACL’s, one which occurred in training for the 2006 Torino Winter Olympic Games and the second re-rupture which occurred during the Olympic Games when Lydia landed heavily and blew out her knee. Lydia also takes us through the many learnings from her career and Lydia has a real gift in translating the psychology of sports performance into our everyday lives. You may have seen Lydia on Australian Survivor Champions vs. Contenders and seen the sheer determination and competitiveness that Lydia possesses. There’s so much in this conversation surrounding determination and capacity first hand.

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