Podcast Episode 123: Alex Hutchinson – Author New York Times Bestseller ENDURE

In episode 123 of The Physical Performance Show I had a conversation with Alex Hutchinson – Author New York Times Bestseller ENDURE.

Alex Hutchinson was a PHD Physicist yet his career path took him into Journalism. He’s now a National Magazine award winning Journalist who regularly contributes well sought-after articles in Runners World and Outside Magazine. Alex himself is a very accomplished Runner, Alex has been a 2x finalist in the 1500m at the Canadian Olympic Trials. During Alex’s University years, he spent many hours competing as a middle distance and long distance runner for the Canadian National Team. In 2017 Alex was one of only 2 Reporters who were allowed access to the Nike Breaking Two Project.

During this conversation, Alex shares a story about when he first became aware of the power of the mind on performance with his own frustrations for years of trying to break the 4 minute mark for the 1500m. Alex shares how his experience in a track race then became the pursuit of determining just what role the brain and mind play in determining our physical performance and potential.

Alex takes us deep into the 10 years of research gathering and writing to produce what is now ENDURE – the New York Times Best Selling Publication. We take a journey back to Alex knocking on leading sport Scientist’s doors like Tim Noakes, observing the Comrades Marathon, pursuing the world’s best academics across the world including Australia, Alex’s own attempts at maximising his own performance and the science and the great stories that you will find inside Endure.

If you have ever wondered whether our individual limits are set by the heart and the head or by our muscles then you get really enjoy this. In this conversation, we will have you re-think restrictions, it will have you re-think your own possibilities and your own potential. I’m excited to bring in this conversation with Alex Hutchinson, New York Times Best Selling Author of Endure Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • What is Alex learning
  • Alex’s love of running
  • Starting out in Journalism
  • Approaching Tim Noakes about attending his Lab
  • Takeaways from the assignment
  • Central Governor Theory
  • Mind over muscle
  • Facial Expression
  • Surprise findings on perception of effort
  • Deep connection between endurance and perception of finish lines.
  • Running with gadgets
  • What it would take to run a 2 hour marathon
  • Mental exercises
  • Three people at dinner table
  • Physical Challenge – 20 x 1min hard and 1 min break
  • What’s next for Alex Hutchinson
  • When will see a sub 2 hour marathon

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Alex Hutchinson

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