Podcast Episode 121: Tim Oberg – parkrun Australia CEO & Founder

In episode 121 of The Physical Performance Show I had a conversation with Tim Oberg – parkrun Australia CEO & Founder.

In this interest edition of the Physical Performance Show we take a trip back to 2011 when parkrun Australia was launched. We discuss why and how Tim brought parkrun from the UK, parkrun’s founding nation over to the Australian soil and what the last 7 years have looked like to see parkrun go from the very first run in the park at Main Beach here on the Gold Coast, to now entail 319 locations growing every week, 3,000 volunteers every Saturday and 640,000 runners across Australia taking part in parkruns.

It’s a remarkable story, with some twists and turns along the way and a very faithful and loyal dog. If you have ever wondered how parkrun came to be so prolific here in Australia you are going to really enjoy this conversation with Tim Oberg.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • What is Tim learning at the moment
  • Birth of his son during a cyclone
  • Growing up in Brisbane
  • Getting into recreational running
  • How Tim became involved in parkrun
  • How parkrun was introduced in Australia
  • Meeting Ron Clarke
  • Current statistics at parkrun Australia
  • parkrun name change and growth
  • More interesting parkrun locations
  • parkrun around the world
  • A week surrounding parkrun
  • Revenue Streams
  • Volunteering at parkrun
  • Starting at parkrun
  • What parkrun means to Tim
  • Life impacts from listeners
  • Who is at Tim’s dinner table

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