Podcast Episode 120: Adam Didyk – Aus Distance Running Coach

In episode 120 of The Physical Performance Show I had a conversation with Adam Didyk – Aus Distance Running Coach.

Adam Didyk’s coaching bio is very impressive, Adam has been an Olympic, Commonwealth Games and World Championship Team Coach. Adam has been Athletics Australia Coach of the Year Nominee in 2016 and 2017, the Athletics South Australia Coach of the Year in 2011/2012.

Adam is the Founder of Team Tempo Run hailing from South Australia and some of Adam’s most notable Athletic performances with his squad would have included Jess Trengrove who has been a dual Commonwealth Games Marathon Bronze Medallist in 2014 at Glascow and on the Gold Coast in 2018. Jess has also been a dual Australian Olympic Marathon Representative. Matty Hills and Jared Talon have been former athletes under the tutelage of Adam Didyk and Jared of course was the Olympic Commonwealth Games Race Walk-in Champion.

Adam is passionate about his craft, you will hear during this conversation around Adam’s philosophies, the importance of tracking key metrics, this concept of load management and the top 3 characteristics that Adam believes are key for optimal physical performance.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Strength Training and Managing Load
  • Adam’s early days in running and athletics
  • Qualities of athletes going to Olympic Games
  • Top 3 Physical Characteristics for Physical Performance
  • Monitoring Energy Availability
  • Collecting Data for marathons
  • Tapering Tips for Marathon Preparation
  • Best Advice
  • Tempo Run Coach Business
  • Group Support
  • Physical Challenge: Run your fastest km

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Adam Didyk

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