In episode 119 of The Physical Performance Show I had a conversation with Dick Telford – AUS Distance Running Coach + Sports Scientist (AM, AUS Sports Hall of Fame Inductee).

Some of Dick Telford’s formal bestowed recognitions include being recognised with the member of the Order AM for the Australian Honour Systems for Dick’s services to sports and sports sciences. In 2017 Dick was named as the ACT Senior Citizen of the Year. Dick was recently inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. Dick was actually the first Sports Scientist appointed by the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS). Dick also worked with the Australian Swim Team and the Australian Canoeing Team in the capacity of exercise Physiologist. Dick left the AIS Physiology to take up distance running coaching role with the AIS Track and Field.

It was from here Dick that would go on to achieve some incredible achievements with his athletes. Dick was then appointed Australian Athletics distance running coach in both the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games. And Dick coached Lisa Ondieki to the Silver Medal in the Women’s Marathon of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, Australia’s only Olympic Marathon Medallist to date.

During this episode Dick we focus on distance running and how to achieve your potential through exercise physiology pearls, tapering tips, marathon preparation tips and a whole lot more.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Dick Telford’s sporting career
  • Dick’s running career
  • Physiology and Psychology of mechanics
  • Top tips for first time marathoners
  • Nutrition and types of diets
  • Removing the cloud of fatigue
  • Tips for removing the cloud of fatigue
  • Key recovery after sessions
  • Concept of the Zone
  • Strength Work
  • Spending time in the race conditions
  • Greatest Myth of distance running training
  • Best Advice
  • Data and running by feel
  • Physical Challenge – Complete two x physical activities per day

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