Podcast Episode 114: Nicole Bunyon – Founder Running Mums Australia

Episode 114: Nicole Bunyon – Founder Running Mums Australia

In episode 114 of The Physical Performance Show, I have a conversation with Nicole Bunyon – Founder Running Mums Australia.

Nicole Bunyon is a mother of three, the founder of Running Mums Australia and an avid runner who has just recently completed the Ultra-Trail Australia Race through the beautiful Blue Mountains.

On this episode you will hear the highs, the lows and the learnings of Nicole Bunyon’s story to date. We talk about how Nicole got started in running and what life was like growing up. The pinnacle moment that saw Nicole start Running Mums Australia, the origins of the logo, the challenge of overcoming injury and what it is that spurs Nicole on to continue with the Running Mums Australia Network. Nicole also shares around why you should never feel guilty training and that doing something for yourself is a good thing.  Listen in now to this inspiring and uplifting story.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • What is Nicole learning at the moment
  • Training for UTA
  • UTA experience
  • How Nicole started running
  • Founding a community of Running Mums
  • Starting with a Facebook Group
  • Design of the singlets
  • Growth of Running Mum’s Australia
  • Darkest day of running
  • Performance Round
  • Funniest thing that Nicole has seen while running
  • Is it possible to train and not feel guilty?
  • Women in running
  • Inspirational transformation story
  • Running bucket list
  • Physical Challenge – Go for a run in nature without a watch on.

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Nicole Bunyon Nicole Bunyon

Nicole Bunyon

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