Podcast Episode 107: Eloise Wellings (2x AUS Olympian) & Julius Achon (2x Ugandan Olympian)

Episode 107: Eloise Wellings (2x AUS Olympian) & Julius Achon (2x Ugandan Olympian)

In this weeks episode 107 of The Physical Performance Show, I share a conversation with Eloise Wellings (2x AUS Olympian) & Julius Achon (2x Ugandan Olympian)

Eloise is a dual Australian Olympian who also competed in the recent 2018 Commonwealth Games.  Julius is also a dual Olympian representing Uganda in 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games in the 800m and 1600m. Following Julius’s professional running career, Julius went on to become a pacer with Alberto Salazar’s Nike Oregon project.  It is really Julius’s back story that will give you perspective though.

During this episode Eloise and Julius reflect on the Commonwealth Games including the poignant act of sportsmanship moment which Eloise found herself in international spotlight.  Julius also shares his background in Uganda, his running and experience during the Commonwealth Games as well.  Eloise and Julius also share how they met and why the started Love Mercy Foundation. Listen in to this inspirational story that will really give you some perspective on your life.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Learnings from the recent 2018 Commonwealth Games
  • Eloise on the impact of waiting at the finish line for the final finisher
  • Eloise on the recent race.
  • Julius on growing up in Uganda
  • Julius on running so that he could get a scholarship to school.
  • Running for the first time in spikes
  • When Julius met Eloise.
  • Why Julius quit running.
  • Forming the Love Mercy foundation
  • Sponsorship of children and cents of seeds
  • Starting the maternity ward for safe birthing
  • The small impact on future lives
  • Eloise on running for a different purpose
  • Unity with the Commonwealth Games
  • Julius’s learnings

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Eloise Wellings and Julius Achon Eloise Wellings and Julius Achon

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