Podcast Episode 106: Expert Edition – Dr Hal Rice – Radiologist (MBBS, FRANZCR) Sports Injuries & Imaging

Episode 106: Expert Edition – Dr Hal Rice – Radiologist (MBBS, FRANZCR) Sports Injuries & Imaging

In episode 106 of The Physical Performance Show (Expert Edition), I have a conversation with Dr Hal Rice Radiologist (MBBS, FRANZCR) Sports Injuries & Imaging.

Dr. Hal Rice obtained his medical degree at University of Queensland in 1992, followed by his residency at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Hal then went on to complete specialist training in diagnostic and interventional radiology at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital before undertaking advanced specialist fellowship in diagnostic at interventional Neuro-radiology at the world famous Mt. Sinai Medical Centre in New York.

On returning to the Gold Coast, Hal then co-founded QScan radiology clinics, which today has more than 30 locations across Australia, treating more than 430,000 patients annually. Hal also established the interventional Neuro-radiology service at the Gold Coast Hospital and this service is now regarded as one of the premier sites in Australia for the endovascular treatment of life threatening brain aneurisms and acute ischemic stroke. Hal has worked as a diagnostic and interventional neuro-radiologist in the Gold Coast Hospital since 2003. Hal has a major academic interest in obviously diagnostic and interventional neuro-radiology. But also Hal’s special interest in sports medicine imaging and musculo skeletal imaging and non-invasive pain management and all fields of advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  QScan is the provider to Swimming Australia, Triathlon Australia and Cricket Australia here in South East Queensland.

Hal himself is also a very keen runner and as a Junior, Hal ran in an incredible 2:38 when he fell in love with the Gold Coast Marathon, a race that he won the Junior Category in 3 years in a row, so Hal lives and breathes muscular health and all things medicine.

During this episode we discuss the world of diagnostic imaging and interventions for athletes, the importance of getting and establishing an accurate diagnosis of injuries. What that means for the prognosis of the outcome of your injury. We discuss common conditions and common imaging types such as ultrasound, plain film Xrays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and also Hal touches on some of the new muscle fibre typing technologies that brings interest to recreational and elite athletes.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • How Hal started in Medicine
  • Imaging Technology
  • Hal’s change of specialty
  • Running 2:38 in the Gold Coast Marathon
  • QScan business
  • How imaging helps with diagnosis
  • Bone Health
  • Bone Density Tests and Stress Injuries
  • Diagnosing Tendon Injuries
  • Suffering from a tear or injury
  • Working with Back Pain and Neck Pain
  • What is cortisone and when is it appropriate
  • Trends in radiology
  • Bone Muscle Fibre MRI
  • Research on Fast and Slow Twitch fibres
  • Working with professional sporting teams.
  • Physical Challenge

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